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Month of Celebration Raffle in....June?

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Since our very first birthday, every October is the Month of Celebration (MoC) at the Monster Nursery! Since our birthday is on the 1st and Halloween is on the 31st, the Monsters celebrate the whole month long! To share in the fun, we hold a raffle for great Monster prizes! Last year, however, our family was struck with tragedy, and there was very little celebrating going on. As some of you know, our Monster family has had a little cat-shaped hole in our hearts since our sweet Miette got very ill and passed away suddenly last fall. We got sick too, and had to move to over the holidays to get into a healthy living environment. After two moves in as many months, and ended up where we are now…



...which is where Cake came into the picture.

(read Cake's full story here)

Cake is a very sweet and timid cat that was abandoned and has no home. We've been feeding and looking out for her outside, but we really want her to be a member of our family, and not be on the street. She’s cross-eyed and has difficulty with depth perception and really needs to be an indoor cat. We’re also concerned she might be pregnant again (or will be soon!) and we need to get her spayed ASAP. The problem is that because of the financial and health damage the moves (and crooked landlords) did to us, the pet deposit (for our own apt) and vet fees are out of our reach.

So we had a Monster family meeting, to try and figure out a way to help Cake become a family member. Since we didn't have a Month of Celebration (MoC) Raffle in October this last year, we thought that a Birthday Cake Celebration Raffle would be just the thing! June is also special month at the Monster Nursery because it’s the month of the Monster Maker’s birthday! And what better way to celebrate than with a Birthday Cake! *heehee* :D

This raffle is going to be a little different than the Month of Celebration raffles. Not just because of Cake, but because of the prizes!  Different prizes will be revealed one at a time, and the Grand Prize winner will get to choose which one they want! New prizes will be revealed as the number of tickets sold goes up, and the more money raised for Cake, the more exciting the prizes get!

Raffle tickets are only a dollar, and you can have as many as 5 tickets in the raffle drawing. Any payments made above $5 (or any amount specifically designated as such) will be treated as a donation to Cake’s adoption fund and not count as additional raffle tickets. If you don’t want to be entered into the raffle, but still want to help out the Cake fund, just add a note to your payment, and it will be done.


 The fun stuff! Prizes! 

The first prize option to choose from is one of our Monster Nursery hand painted cell phone charms!

These charms are made up of a silver tone (pewter, I think) oval charm with a word indented on the back. The brown one says 'Laugh', the green one says 'Imagine', and the pink one says 'Live'. On the other side is a super wee Monster, hand painted by me, and sealed to be water and scuff resistant (but please still use care!). Each Monster stone is securely attached to a cell phone charm strap with a split ring, and are accented with a hand wrapped 3mm Swarovski bicone crystal bead. The brown one has in Shadow Crystal, the green one has an Emerald crystal, and the pink one is accented by a Rose crystal.


As tickets sell, more prize options will be added to the raffle, so check back here or on our Monster Nursery Facebook page for updates!

Click below to buy your raffle ticket(s) now! The link will take you to Paypal, but you can use any credit/debit card with it if you don't have a Paypal account. Don't forget to include your shipping info if it's not on your Paypal account, or if you're using another method of payment. We want to be able to ship your prizes to you if you win!
(We will *never ever* share your information with anyone else, it is to be used for this raffle event*only*)
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